Selling Home Tips For Success

Selling Home Tips for Success – Interior and Exterior  selling home tips for success


1. Start with the kitchen – the “hang-out” for most families. Clear all counter-tops, clean the surfaces, back-splash, and walls…paint if necessary.  Put away unnecessary “gadgets” to present a neat, clean, organized space.  Don’t be a clutter-bug.  If you do not use it daily, stow it!
2. Kitchen Part 2 the pantry.  Rule of thumb, if you have not used it in a year donate it or toss it.  Get rid of the useless stuff and organize each shelf like you see in the local Whole Foods Store.  Put the like foods and supplies together trashing the almost empty boxes or bags.  Ensure the shelves are clean, walls wiped down and no crumbs on floor!
3. The Entry Way.
Parents and children are all guilty of “dumping” keys, wallets, mail, newspapers, book bags, etc., at a common spot when entering the house.  Clear the stuff and put in a drawer or closet (organized).  If you must have a “dumping” container find something nice that adds character to the room or desktop.
4. Bedrooms – Time to vacuum the mattress, turn it, vacuum again.  Wash or send out comforters, slipcovers, pillow covers, curtains, and shower curtains (buy new ones).  Area rugs should be cleaned.
5. Closets versus Clothes.   Just like the pantry if you have not worn clothes in the past year it’s probably time to give to charity.  Hint:  A good signal you need to get rid of clothes is that the apparel still have tags on themJ.  Make hanging clothes look organized leaving space between each piece of apparel.  Shelves above clothing in the closet should be organized and not a “catch all” for junk.  Consider boxing heavy winter or recreational clothing and store it.
6.  Garage.  If you have to store stuff – this is a decent place to put it but do it neatly.  Put in containers or boxes on shelves if you have such.  Make sure garage is clean.  Dispose or donate all unnecessary accumulations from years past that has not useful function in your life.

Selling Home Tips for Success – Exterior

7. Is your porch ready?  It should present a neat, clean, appealing entry. Add a couple flower pots with some color, clean the surface, paint the adjoining areas.  If you have furniture on the porch make sure it is clean and ready for someone to sit on.  If a high porch entry way pressure wash upper areas to remove spider and cob webs.  .
8. Windows and screens. The most dreaded cleaning task.  But, they need to be clean and free of dirt on framework and sills.  .
9. Have the Eye of a Tiger. Go out in the street away from the home and just spend a couple minutes taking a critical look at all sides of the home.  Does it look like somewhere you want to live?  Notice any imperfections on siding, trim, or areas needing paint.  Are the gutters free of debris and roof looking clean?  After viewing all sides of the home now focus on the yard and flowerbeds.  Trim bushes, clear weeds, and mulch if needed.   The grass should neatly trimmed and cut.  Fertilize to present a healthy looking grass.
Take these Selling Home Tips For Success and expand on them to make your home “selling ready”.  Take care of the little things as they occur and the big things will be fine.
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