Team Member

Dycallon James

Phone: 252-623-8748
I’m a licensed real estate salesperson in Virginia and a North Carolina real estate broker. I’m on the PILOT Realty team at Creed Realty in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’m hungry, motivated, and willing to put in the extra time needed to sell houses. My drive is embedded in my background. I am currently active duty navy for the past 17 years. I spent most of my career working on F-18 super hornet where I work at a very fast pace. The people around me along with the troops on the ground lives depend on me doing my job efficiently and precisely. I bring that same attitude into real estate when I’m working with clients. I know that buying or selling a house is a huge decision and It’s life-altering. Executing efficiently and precisely is paramount and I take my fiduciary duties with my clients extremely serious. This also includes partnering and working with like-minded lenders, closing attorneys/companies, insurance agencies, contractors, and anyone else that has an influence on my client purchasing or selling their house. I look forward to working with you.