Team Member

Barbara Barrington

Phone: 757-580-3299
Being the daughter, niece, sister, wife and aunt to those in my family that have served in the military, I am proud to serve as Realtor to the Hampton Roads military as well as the civilian community. Nothing makes me happier than to put a smile on the faces of those I serve. I love what I do, making my clients happy. When my clients are happy, I know I have done my job! Being in real estate since 1995, I have been a part of such happiness many, many times. To me it is not about the money because that will come, it is all about putting smiles on the faces of my clients. Listening to your clients and their needs will take you far in this business. I have learned to listen and react to their needs before they do. So, when they say to me, "we need to do...., "I can say, "already done!"