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How’s The Market – April 2014 Report

Creed Realty How's The Market April 2014 Report as published by the Real Estate Information Network (REIN): (Virginia Beach, Virginia – May 2014) Exhibiting both losses and gains for the month of April, the Hampton Roads real estate market is off to a relatively neutral start for second quarter 2014. While residential listings for sale and residential pending sales are up, residential settled sales and distressed home activity have seen slight drops. Specifics: Residential active listings increased 8.91% when compared to April 2013. Of the region’s seven... Continue Reading >

How To Improve Your Credit Score For Mortgage

Creed Realty How can I improve my credit score to qualify for a mortgage? Credit is one of the most important factors when qualifying for a mortgage.  Many loan programs have minimum credit requirements for loan approval.  Furthermore, higher credit scores often translate into better interest rates.  Even if a mortgage company will approve a mortgage for an individual with a lower credit score, the borrower is often stuck with a less-than-desirable interest rate. How To Improve Your Credit Score For Mortgage Below are tips: Pay down... Continue Reading >

How’s The Market – March 2014 Report

Creed Realty How's the market?  In March 2014 we did not see much of anything significant to report other than distressed sales (short and foreclosures) declined somewhat.   It is our opinion that the faster we lower the distressed inventory the sooner we will see more dramatic price increases and equity growth for homeowners.   What this means for you the buyer is that it is still a good time to enter the market while inventory exists and interest rates are historically low.... Continue Reading >

To Sell Or Not To Sell Your Home

Creed Realty You hear it every day on the news.   Home prices are rising throughout the country.  Are they rising in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads?  Yes, but not as fast some parts of the country.  What we are seeing now is an increased level of buyer activity and prices rising dictated by location.  So if you are considering selling think about the following before making your decision(s). Sell Your Home ----- Do You Have Equity? Many home owners have watched much of our equity disappear... Continue Reading >

Home Ownership Tax Deductions

Creed Realty Home Ownership Tax Deductions  – "Eyeball" those home ownership benefits!!! Your parents told you – owning a home is a wise investment over the long run. The past real estate crash caused by irresponsible lenders and uninformed buyers caused some pause (a whole lot) which has taken many years to recover and still not fully back. But...things are turning for the good and home ownership is back by popular demand plus home ownership tax deductions. 2. How Does Owning A Home Benefit You?  What... Continue Reading >

Buyer Tips

Creed Realty Our buyer tips may help.  Are you ready? The Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads 2014 housing market is heating up with buyers.  The weather is getting better, inventories are getting lower, people are ready to look and buy, and the competition is stiff.  Buyer Tips are a must!! Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads home prices continue to recover coupled with interest rates remaining at near-record lows.  Spring is a fast moving time of the year for real estate sales.  As we enter... Continue Reading >

Selling Home Tips For Success

Creed Realty Selling Home Tips for Success - Interior and Exterior   Interior 1. Start with the kitchen – the “hang-out” for most families. Clear all counter-tops, clean the surfaces, back-splash, and walls…paint if necessary.  Put away unnecessary “gadgets” to present a neat, clean, organized space.  Don’t be a clutter-bug.  If you do not use it daily, stow it! 2. Kitchen Part 2 the pantry.  Rule of thumb, if you have not used it in a year donate it or toss it.  Get rid of the... Continue Reading >

Market Report January 2014

It's been a year since we have seen these results with real estate sales in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.  While not devastating, it shows that weather can and does have an impact on real estate showings, sales, and closings. Key takeaways from this report: (contact Creed Realty here if you want a Market Analysis completed for your particular neighborhood or a community you are considering) Distressed sales (short sales and foreclosures) continue to be a big part of our local market. While... Continue Reading >

Mortgage Preparation Q and A

Home buyers often ask (and many unaware) how they should prepare to buy a home.  This mortgage preparation Q and A will answer many of these questions.  If you have any other questions please contact Timothy Lee with Atlantic Bay Mortgage here.  Mortgage Preparation Q and A What people can do to get ready, financially, to buy a house? Don’t make any large purchases (including furniture) or take out new credit. Underwriters love payment history.  Having a rent payment similar to a proposed... Continue Reading >

Mortgage Pre Approval Process

Creed Realty According to our Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads mortgage experts, (Atlantic Bay and McLean Mortgage), it is a good idea to gather up all of the needed documents in advance before launching your house hunt, as this will make the mortgage pre approval process a lot easier. The housing burst has resulted in much harder lending standards, which means that it could possible take weeks or sometimes even months to secure a loan. Mortgage Pre Approval Process Here are a few important steps... Continue Reading >